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Workshops. Classes. Consultations.


The following classes are available for in-person or zoom instruction. Can be individualized as needed. Class rates are pay-what-you-can. Email for more information.

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Playwriting Fun01

Classes include: 

  • Dialogue Bootcamp

  • Developing Narrative Through Objects

Stories From Scratch

Geared towards beginning or intermediate writers and especially teenagers, this six-week or twelve-week unit focuses on developing your voice and turning your ideas into stories in all genres through guided writing, rigorous reading and feedback.

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"I can't thank you enough for how much I've learned from you and how much you've changed my life. I know I will not remember most things from high school when I leave. But I am positive that I will never forget the things you taught me. You are an incredible teacher who has impacted so many students. I feel honored to have gotten to be one of your students." -- high school student, 2021

"Ned is a dynamic, generous and creative teacher.  I've taken several workshops with him and he's adept at creating inspiring, fun, and unique prompts to open up our writing - whether in dialogue or other craft issues.  His experiences as a playwright certainly shine through!" -- short story / fiction writer

"That's the best 60 dollars I've ever spent. Great notes and ideas." -- screenwriter / actor

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